Natural shells and spices

Long-term importer on the market in Bulgaria, the company offers a full range of natural shells, spices and additives for your products.

Pork natural casings

Pork casings are one of the most trusted in meat processing. They are used in variants, boiled-smoked, dried, perishable and perishable sausages.

Veal natural casings

Beef intestines have recently become increasingly popular in meat processing. The most – they are already used for dried sausages and are a worthy substitute for pork intestines for small sausages.

Sheep natural shells

The company offers sheep intestines in all calibers – 16/18; 18/20; 20/22; 22/24; 24/26; 26/28; respectively in different qualities according to the needs of the client.

Seasonings and additives

Spices are usually fresh or dried leaves, seed, fruits, roots, bark of wood, resin, chemicals, used in appropriate quantities as food additives in order to give it the desired odor and / or taste.

About our products

Demitrade Ltd. is a company established by Mr. Kostadin Dimitrov, under whose leadership for many years we have been able to meet the needs of our customers with a variety and quality of natural sausage casings.